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Whether you are recently in the fight, or just want to honor your child who is no longer battling, DIPG Warrior is your go-to DIPG support program.

The Varns Family
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Meet Heidi, your Family Support Resource:

My youngest daughter battled DIPG for 53 months, earning her angel wings on 8/11/23, so I can relate and understand your fears and concerns. This is a very overwhelming time with so much information (or lack of information) being thrown at you. I am here to connect with you and provide resources and support that we, as a fighting family, were so desperately searching for at the beginning of our own journey with DIPG.

I want to help your family fight, provide you hope, and give you someone to lean on. No family should ever be told to “go home and make memories”. I made a promise to my daughter and you better believe that I will fulfill it. It is my mission to make sure that every family in the battle knows that there is more that can be done. There is HOPE!

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Join and collaborate with over 550 other DIPG families who understand what you are going through. We're here for you. Family never fights alone!

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With nearly 100 pages of DIPG-related content, dozens of videos, and a multitude of support options, all of The Cure Starts Now's offerings can become a bit overwhelming. That's why we recommend signing up with our DIPG Warrior support program, so we can tailor our support and recommendations to you. As a thank you for your time, we will send you up to five customized shirts to honor your warrior, free of charge.

Mom's Retreat
DIPG/DMG Mom's Retreat

By signing up, we can better let you know of events you may find helpful, such as the DIPG/DMG Mom's Retreat:

A national retreat to help form connections, the DIPG/DMG Mom's Retreat can help provide the much needed support that DIPG moms need. It is a relaxed weekend filled with laughing, crying, eating, drinking and sharing stories.

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DIPG Resource Network offers the largest database of international DIPG/DMG clinical trials. Sign-up for updates to get alerted when new trials become available.

DIPG Clinical Trials

Facebook Support Group

The DIPG Support Group for Families is created by and for parents who are dedicated to honoring our DIPG warriors, supporting fellow DIPG families and providing a safe place to talk freely about your journey.

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Best Sibling Ever!

The Cure Starts Now loves to celebrate and thank siblings who show such love and support to their brother or sister diagnosed with a brain tumor.

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